Freebird's response to COVID-19

  • Setup fees suspended

  • Communicate safety procedures

  • Complete screening forms

  • Create safety checklists

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A one-stop data and information portal for multi-unit QSRs 

Simplify the lives of your managers

Stop wasting time hunting for information

Immediately know where you can impact P&L

"Freebird delivered an immediate ROI because it helps us to save on time and resources​."

Andrew Geiger, HG Foods, Operator 23 stores

Identify critical issues at a glance  Be alerted to time sensitive news and priorities  Take consistent action across all units

Freebird is a cloud-based software solution that aggregates all your critical structured data that is scattered in different systems, reports, spreadsheets, forms, and formats, AND all the important unstructured and time-sensitive information that would otherwise be dispersed and lost in emails, documents, and websites and presents it in a single portal. This drives improved performance because managers have the fullest and shared insight into operations, and can take quicker, more effective, and consistent actions across all units. 

"Freebird helps us to do what we’ve always done but to be more streamlined, more efficient, more effective at our day-to-day operations. No searching. No scrambling."

Josh Lephart, Lepsco, Operator 12 stores

Analytics for QSRs
Analytics for QSRs
Analytics for QSRs
Analytics for QSRs
Freebird for RTI and SEMS
For Burger King franchisees, Freebird now includes the Digital KingBoard and Performance Tracker

Learn how Freebird is helping GPS Hospitality, operator of nearly 500 Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Popeyes restaurants, to achieve operational excellence

GPS Hospitality ues Freebird
"Freebird has allowed our district leaders to see and rank all important metrics from multiple sources on a single dashboard. They can now quickly identify each store’s greatest opportunity to impact their P&L"
Gary Thomas
VP of Operations Support 
GPS Hospitality

Leverage your existing systems


Freebird leverages your investment in existing back-office and other systems so deployment is quick, low cost, and involves no disruption...while eliminating information access complexity

The Bottom Line

Your managers are swamped with data and information that is scattered in different systems and formats. Freebird simplifies their lives by bringing everything they need into a single portal. This saves them time, frustration, and most importantly ensures that they always know where they need to focus their attention to have the maximum impact on the bottom line. 


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