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The Freebird Information Platform

Focus on managing your business and not on chasing information

Imagine if your managers could access all their key metrics, operational news, priorities, forms, key dates, documents, and other information in one place

Your corporate and field managers are overwhelmed by the many competing priorities they must address every day. In addition to tracking operational metrics relating to sales, speed-of-service, labor and food utilization, etc., managers have to worry about such things as product promotions, store standards, employee training and retention, loss prevention, and customer feedback. Compounding the problem is that the information they need is scattered in different systems, reports, spreadsheets, emails, websites, and documents. The result is manager frustration, wasted time, and a failure to make appropriate decisions in a timely and consistent manner across all units. With Freebird, your managers will find all the information and tools they need in a single portal customized to their specific needs ... ensuring that they know what to focus on and what actions to take to have the greatest impact on the bottom line. 

"Freebird simplifies the lives of our DM’s, allowing them to spend more time on managing the business with the RGMs​"
Operator -16 stores

The future of information management for QSRs is here

Disseminate news, instructions, and information

The Freebird platform integrates

5 capabilities that all successful multi-unit QSR's require

...and which are normally sold as expensive, separate solutions by different vendors

Track operational performance

PLUS ...

For Burger King franchisees, Performance Tracker and the Digital King Board



Track routines, create audits and checklists


Seek feedback, identify, reward, retain best employees


Summary and competitor information by restaurant

GPS Hospitality uses Freebird
Gary Thomas
Vice President of Operations Support 
GPS Hospitality

Learn how Freebird is helping GPS Hospitality, operator of nearly 500 Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Popeyes restaurants, to achieve operational excellence

"For GPS to continue to expand, we needed a single portal where managers could readily access company news, instructions, and training materials, as well as performance dashboards showing all of their key metrics.” 
tool bar.png

Access everything you need from your customizable navigation bar

Analytics and Dashboards for QSRs


QSR Dashboard SEMS RTI.png

All your key metrics in one place

Freebird pulls data from all your sources, including SICOM SEMS, SICOM Drive-Thru Director, RTIConnect, SMG/GuestTrac, KnowledgeForce, HME, Clearview Back Office, Excel, Financial and HR systems, etc., and renders it as integrated dashboards so that you can see all aspects of business performance in one place. 

  • See status of operations at a glance

  • Alerts identify issues requiring attention

  • Filter and rank by store, above store, and time period

  • Compare store and above store performance to targets

  • Role settings ensure that users only see data for which permission has been granted

  • Customize dashboards to any layout and style

  • Data automatically updates as frequently as required

  • Leverages your existing back-office and other systems

RTI-Freebird Dashboard
SEMS RTI Dashboard
QSR dashboard analytics

"Freebird has become an essential tool for GPS. It helps us to identify and quickly address operational areas that require improvement at an individual restaurant or corporate-wide level.”

Gary Thomas, VP Operations Support, GPS Hospitality, 500 stores

Now Featuring – Live Scorecards

Live-scorecards provide a period-level performance dashboard for each store. These scorecards can be used for objectively determining manager bonuses, and are the principal source of leverage for stores to improve performance. Freebird's Live Scorecards compare target KPIs to actuals and calculates a gap, period score, and store ranking.


In most multi-unit operations such scorecards are created manually at headquarters and can take several days/week at the end of the period before being communicated to the stores. By the time the stores see their scorecard, that period is gone and the current period is pretty much done too, so there’s very little opportunity to correct and improve performance.


The goal with Freebird implementing the Live Scorecards is for store managers and above store leaders to be able to view their performance in real-time and have time to course-correct before the period is over. 

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Freebird for QSRs



With Freebird, managers will no longer have to hunt through emails, documents, and different websites to find their list of priorities, operational news, key events, latest promotions, instructions, training materials, and other critical information they need every day. And importantly, everyone sees the same information at the same time.

Burger King Franchisees
  • Communicate news and priorities to all units

  • Easily add content and attach documents

  • Integrate metrics with related unstructured content

  • Attach pop-up instructions to problematic metrics

  • Show calendar of upcoming events and critical dates

  • Create a comprehensive document and training library

  • Search entire portal by keyword, date, or author

All your critical news, instructions, and documents in one place

RGM DM business intelligence for QSRs
QSR best practices
Burger King analytics
QSR analytics software

"In addition to relying on Freebird to track metrics, it has become a vital tool to communicate such things as operational news, promotions, key dates, team recognition, and contests."

Andrew Geiger, HG Foods, Operator 23 stores

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QSRs Forms Surveys Checklists


Forms for QSRs best practices


With Freebird your managers can easily create workflows from forms, checklists, audits, and surveys to track work and performance covering any area and to ensure consistency across all units. The results can be integrated with your other performance metrics and related content. 

Create forms to track activity, standards, and to drive actions

  • Track store/staff standards and policy compliance

  • Drive consistency with task checklists and audits

  • Create training tests, track results and progress

  • Complete staff appraisals, compare scores

  • Track work, coaching, and other activities

  • Impose accountability and ensure corrective actions

  • Receive notifications for unsatisfactory results

  • Identify star performers

ROI for QSRs
Restaurant survey software
restaurants manage labor costs
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Maximize ROI



Freebird's integrated employee engagement and collaboration capabilities allow you to recognize top performers, solicit feedback, exchange ideas, and reward best practices suggestions. In addition it helps to create a common culture and sense of corporate unity, which is especially challenging because of the highly dispersed nature of the business. All of this helps to identify, motivate, and retain your best employees.

Engage with staff and exchange ideas

  • Identify and motivate your stars

  • Publicly recognize the best performers

  • Seek comments and feedback 

  • Share ideas and best practices

  • Conduct employee surveys

  • Run contests

  • Ensure that managers are engaged

  • Reduce turnover and training costs

QSR analytics
software for Burger King
Restaurant Management Software
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Summary information, key financials and notes on individual restaurants

The Restaurant Portal is a single place where managers can find important summary information on each restaurant – including: financials, operational metrics, RGM performance, geospatial information, manager notes; especially useful overview for above-store managers when doing visits

  • Key background profiles of restaurants

  • Leveraging Google Maps, restaurants and area competitors are placed using pins with addresses and other information

  • Overview information includes: Manager Name, Annual Sales/Budget, Capex, Food and Labor Variance, Cash Losses, Scorecard Ranking, Inventory Trend, Employee Turnover, Open Shifts, Hiring Issues, Lease/Landlord, etc.

  • Picture library, showing state of facility

  • Competitor pricing 

  • Visit form/feedback/manager notes

  • Links to dashboards and completed forms

Restaurant Portal
For Burger King franchisees, Freebird now includes
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PT icon-12.png



Performance Tracker is a set audits, routines, and workflows for DMs and RGMs that package best practices proven to drive restaurant operational performance, incentives, and consistency across units – developed in collaboration with RBI for BK franchisees

  • Checklists and forms to automate routines

  • Coaching events and approvals

  • Forms/Audits of standards and site visits

  • Routine schedules, completed and outstanding

  • Scorecards that report Performance Tracker results and assign scores by store and above store by district

  • Metrics are drawn from forms submissions and Back Office systems

  • Ensures that best practices and routines are communicated and tracked in a consistent way

Communicate and track best practices



Freebird Digital KingBoard

A back-of-house digital dashboard (shown on an HDTV) developed in collaboration with RBI and BK franchisees. It helps to track performance, provide instructions, and motivate team members

Drive in-store excellence

  • Enables employees track performance

  • KPIs to targets by daypart, Team Member monthly bonuses, best store by KPI for district 

  • Negative Guest Feedback from GuestTrac, Root Cause – entered by RGM

  • Positive Guest Feedback from GuestTrac, Announcements, Team Member of the Month –  entered by RGM

  • Top and bottom 5 in district by SOS and OSAT – from BOH system

  • Latest REV score, food safety opportunities – from Steritech, BK Link Module completion – from Frameworks

  • RGMs and DMs post videos recapping results, also brand-wide videos

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Multi-Unit QSRs: The 6 Keys to Success

and how Freebird helps you to achieve them

  1. Ready access to all key metrics 

  2. Dissemination of critical operational news and updates

  3. Consistency across all units

  4. Collaboration and time-saving co-ordination with units

  5. Training and upgrading employee skills

  6. Motivating and retaining your star performers

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