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QSR Back Office and POS Providers

Partner with Freebird to Drive Revenue

Partner with Freebird to achieve a competitive advantage and differentiate from competitors ... Because your customers need more than just data from your systems

QSR Back Office and POS Vendors

As a company that provides an information infrastructure to the QSR sector, you collect and deliver value-added operational and other data to your customers. Freebird integrates with this data and your systems as well as with other data sources and extends them with analytics/dashboards, content management, forms, and collaboration/employee engagement. Freebird delivers all of these capabilities in a manager facing integrated solution. Your customers will find all their key operational data and other information in one convenient portal. None of your customers can do that with your competitors. Partnering with Freebird will drive additional revenue and differentiate you from all your competitors.


Data Vendors

As a data vendor you provide research, industry, and survey data to your subscribers. You probably deliver this in a raw form, in your own application, or as Excel files. Partner with Freebird and extend the value of your research products by enabling your customers to view your data and related analysis in a full information and content management portal.

Extend the value of your products with Dashboarding, Analytics, Content Management, Forms, and Employee Engagement ... unlike anything your competitors have
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