Partner with Freebird

Partner with Freebird to drive additional revenue and differentiate from competitors
Our Partner Program is designed to help partners drive additional revenue by leveraging the Freebird platform to deliver dashboarding, analytics, content management, forms, and employee engagement capabilities to their customers. 

Software OEMs

As a software company you provide a solution that collects and delivers value-added operational and other data to your customers. Embed Freebird into your solution or sell it as an add on module and take the customer experience to another level. Freebird can be white labeled or readily customized to reflect your branding.


Data Vendors

As a data vendor you provide research, industry, and survey data to your subscribers. You probably deliver this in a raw form, in your own application, or as Excel files. Partner with Freebird and extend the value of your research products by enabling your customers to view your data and related analysis in a full information and content management portal.

Extend the value of your products with Dashboarding, Analytics, Content Management, Forms, and Employee Engagement ... unlike anything your competitors have
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