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   The Problem   

The Information Obstacles Faced by Multi-Unit QSRs

  • QSR managers are swamped and can’t readily access all their critical information

  • Key metrics are scattered in different back-office systems, reports, spreadsheets, and formats

  • Data overload makes it difficult to find and isolate issues that require immediate action

  • Managers do not have a single and consistent view of performance metrics 

  • News and instructions are lost, forgotten, or dispersed in emails, documents, and different portals

  • Routines are not consistently communicated, completed, or tracked

  • Time is wasted on hunting for and assembling information rather than on managing the business

  • Separate tools to address each of the above issues are too expensive and complex

Result is ... inefficiency, missed opportunities, inconsistency, manager frustration

   The Solution   

How Freebird Overcomes the Obstacles


  • Key metrics from all sources, news and instructions, forms, routines and workflows all in one place


  • Eliminates wasted time and effort hunting for and assembling information

  • Identifies areas that require immediate attention at a glance 

  • Customizes metrics and content to the needs of each user class

  • Provides everyone with shared understanding of what to focus on every day to drive profitability

  • Ensures that best practices and routines are communicated and tracked in a consistent way

  • Integrates essential capabilities that replace a variety of expensive tools provided by different vendors

  • Leverages and extends the value of the existing back-office infrastructure and investment in other systems

Result is ... operational excellence, profitability, consistency across units, motivated managers

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